Introducing Lopay Point Of Sale (POS)

lopay point of sale

If you’ve ever struggled to add up the 7 different items your customer has just ordered before you send the total to your card reader, you may well need a Point Of Sale system. 

Our POS feature is now available in the lopay app, so you can wave goodbye to on-the-spot mental maths or trying to find your calculator – we’ll do the hard work for you in a couple of taps.

What is a Point Of Sale (POS)?

A Point Of Sale allows you to keep track of all of your products or services in one handy place. 


With our POS, you can:


  • – Add and track the products you have in stock
  • – Combine multiple products for a quick and easy checkout
  • – Take payments for a customer via cash, card or a combination of both
  • – See your sales reports and all the breakdowns you need

How much does it cost?

You’ll still get the same great lopay rates, with just an extra 0.25% added for any POS sales – which we’ll only charge you after giving you your first month as a free trial.*

How do I get set up?

Just open up your lopay app and tap ‘Sell your Products.’ You’ll then be able to add all of your products, set prices and customise the layout of your brand new POS however suits you and your business.

For more information and a step-by-step guide to setting up your POS, click here.

*As part of the free trial, you will not be charged the additional 0.25% for POS sales. Standard transaction fees will still apply.

Our POS is currently in Beta, so your feedback will help us refine and improve it. All comments and ideas are welcome, just drop us a message via the chat icon in the app.

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