Why taxi drivers are loving Lopay

We know cabbies love a chat, and aren’t shy in sharing their opinions. So it’s lucky they like us…

We looked at user reviews and took a few cab rides to hear what drivers had to say about Lopay – because we could tell you how great we are, but we’d rather let our users do it for us.

See what happened when we put a microphone in front of them, and scroll down to read a few of the major talking points.


An obvious plus for any service is that it saves you money. And with Lopay significantly cheaper than many providers that drivers use, the savings are immediately clear.

As one taxi driver put it – the £3000 he could save a year is enough for a holiday or a big lump of his rent.


When we first launched Lopay, taxi drivers told us that tipping was the one thing that was missing. So we made sure to add it to our product as soon as possible. As you can see from the tweet below, drivers have found that our flexible tipping options are earning them more tips.

Read more about Lopay’s Smart Tipping feature here.

Fast, simple, reliable

With drivers always on the move, the fact that Lopay is quick and easy to use is a big win. Or to quote one driver we spoke to, ‘it’s idiot proof.’

Taxi drivers are also loving the flexibility to get paid when they choose – whether that’s the convenience of a weekly payout, or getting paid instantly even at weekends.

Customer service

Taxi drivers have told us they love our UK-based support team, who are always on hand to help out. We pride on ourselves on Lopay being super reliable and easy to use, but if there’s ever an issue we’ve got your back.

Spread the word, keep more of your money

One big thing we’ve learned about the driver community is that they love to help each other out. So as a thanks for spreading the word, we’ll give £1000 in free transactions to you and any friends you refer.

Find out more about referrals here.

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