Lopay: the payment app for small businesses

Payment app for small businesses

As consumers now rarely carry cash and sometimes not even their wallet, it’s important to make it as easy as possible for them to pay. 


But finding the best payment app for a small business can be daunting. We’ve picked out a few important things to consider when choosing a payment solution.



Some customers are comfortable scanning a QR code whilst others prefer more traditional payment methods. With Lopay you can give your customers a choice.


Our payment stickers let you place a QR code anywhere you like for customers to scan to pay in seconds with Google Pay or Apple Pay. You can even display a QR code on your phone for them to scan.


We can also provide you with a card reader free of charge* so you can accept contactless card payments and chip & PIN, as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Payment app for small business


Anything that can save a small business money is a good thing. So for a company taking regular payments, reducing the amount paid in transaction fees could be a huge win. 


Lopay’s transaction fee is as low as 0.79%, well below other payment apps and traditional card machines. 



Keeping track of payments is vital for a small business, so we’ve made it super simple. You get a monthly summary of your fees straight to your inbox and you can see your day, week, or month total at any point in the app. 


If you need something else, you can simply filter your transactions to suit your requirements and export a report to upload to your accountancy software. 


* Free if you transact £2,500 through Lopay in 6 months and otherwise just £29.

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