Payment methods for small businesses

tap on phone solution

At Lopay we want to make it as easy as possible for you to take payments. Which is why we help you give your customers multiple ways to pay.

But with so many options to choose from, it may be hard to decide what works best for you and your small business. Fear not, we’re here to help – read on for our handy guide to every way you can use Lopay to take payments.

Card reader

When it comes to choosing a card reader for your small business, price is likely to be a big factor – which is why we’re so proud of our 0.79% rate!

 With our card readers, customers can make contactless payments via card or Google or Apple Pay, or insert their card. We also give you the power to control the tipping prompts customers see, encouraging them to give you and your team that little bit extra every time you take a payment.  And what’s more, you can order a free card reader in the Lopay app.

Note: the card reader is free as long as you transact £2500 in the first 6 months. If not, just return your reader or pay £59.

Card machine for small business

Tap on Phone

Turn your Android phone into a card reader for contactless payments. With Tap on Phone, your customers can tap your phone with their card or phone to pay – in the same way they would tap a card reader.

Anrdroid Tap on Phone

Payment links

With payment links you can request a payment via email, text, WhatsApp or however you choose to get in touch with your customers. Lopay gives you the option to send a one-off link, a permanent link of a fixed amount, or a donation link which allows the customer to choose an amount.


Payment links work well for taking deposits, or for requesting larger payments that customers may not want to make in person.

QR code payments

Take payments without a card reader. In a couple of taps you can generate a QR code for your customers to scan and pay from their phone.

QR code payments

Point of Sale

And not forgetting our Point of Sale solution (POS). With POS you can tally up products on a tablet or phone and send the total amount to your card reader.

Point of Sale for small businesses


With subscriptions, Lopay users can set up recurring payments in a few taps. Whether it’s a weekly payment for members of a club, a monthly coffee subscription, or a yearly service charge, the app will automate the process.

All you need to order a card reader, set up Tap on Phone, send a payment link, set up your Point of Sale or create subscriptions is the Lopay app! If you’re already using Lopay, just get in touch via the chat box in the app if you have any questions.

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