Small business spotlight: Home Hearing & Vacuwax

Home Hearing & Vacuwax

We continue our series of small business spotlights with Muhammad from Home Hearing & Vacuwax. 

Tell us a bit about your business

We are your local hearing care professionals offering mobile hearing and ear wax removal services.

What’s the best thing about running a small business?

Running a small business allows me to stay in control at all times.
It’s also a very satisfying feeling when you manage to remove ear wax and unblock someone’s ear!

And what are the biggest challenges?

Not having more Audiologists on the ground to go to appointments, as I prefer to work alone.

What advice would you give to someone starting a small business?

Organising an efficient diary is the key to having a great work/life balance.

What made you switch to Lopay?

As I’m in no rush to receive the payments, the weekly payout rate is unmatched across the industry.

How has Lopay helped your business?

Cash is becoming less common nowadays, Lopay’s compact and smart card machine allows me to take payments in various locations whilst travelling to patient homes with ease.

Thanks to Muhammad for taking the time to speak to us! Find out more about Home Hearing & Vacuwax here, and follow Muhammad on Instagram here.

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