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With Lopay everything just adds up

The cost-effective Lopay app gives accounts a low 0.79% rate (Visa and Mastercard), and a FREE card reader. Plus, with advanced reporting you can view daily, weekly or monthly payments – and even forward reports.

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As Lopay is half the price of SumUp and Zettle, you keep more of the money you’ve earned. Download it and get it working for you now.


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‘I’ve only had Lopay a couple of days but can already say it’s the best, quickest, system I’ve been on’

Mr. Clark

Flexible rates that work for you

With Lopay working for you, you get a really low rate and you choose when to get paid – today, tomorrow, weekly, even at weekends.




Next Day*



You’ve worked hard for your money. So why give so much of it away every time you take a payment?

Get 0.79% rate with Lopay.

You’ve earned it.

*American Express, corporate & international card payments are 1.79% (or 2.79% for an instant payout) due to higher associated network fees.


‘This is the best card reader I’ve ever used.’

Paul Mansfield

Get a free*
card reader

And who doesn’t want one of those?

Just download the app and you can quickly order your very own Lopay card reader – for free.

Saving you even more money.

*All you have to do is transact £2,500 in the first six months. Then just return it or pay £49.

free lopay card reader

‘Really good! Better customer service than SumUp. Better fees & payout flexibility than any other card reader provider.’

Steve O

Five star customers, five star reviews

We really do love our customers and we’re so glad they love Lopay too.

So instead of us going on about low rates and free card readers, we thought we’d let some of them have a say! 

We thank everyone for their kind words.


‘Simple, quick, and cheap! Very easy to set up and the payment request, receipt, transactions and all are as easy as they claim.’



‘Absolutely loving it. This is a great platform with very low transaction rates and their customer support is one of the best out there.’



‘It’s the best switchover I’ve done and the best rates by far. It’s a fabulous card reader, easy to use and has actual buttons instead of a touchscreen. Thank you so very much!’

Wendy Nixon


‘System is easy to set up and use. Card machine and app are responsive and quick. Customer services have also been easy to reach and good to deal with.’



‘Love this. Super easy to use and take payments and just makes things easier for my customers but most importantly I can get my payments straight away.’



‘I can only say good things about my experience with lopay so far. The system works brilliantly, is as cheap and as quick as it claims, and the customer service is second to none.’


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