Small business spotlight: Feet Up with Faye

Lopay spotlight - Feet Up with Faye

Small businesses and sole traders keep this country running. So we’re really happy we can do our bit to support them. In the first of our series shining a spotlight on UK small business owners, we spoke to Faye who runs her own holistic beauty service.

Tell us a bit about your business

My business is called Feet Up with Faye and I offer a holistic beauty service, providing various treatments including massage, facials and reflexology.

What’s the best thing about running a small business?

I love that having my own business gives me flexibility throughout my week – No week is ever the same and that helps to keep me focused and motivated.

And what are the biggest challenges?

I am a Sole Trader so everything to do with my business falls on my shoulders, so it can sometimes be difficult to take a step back and switch off.

What advice would you give to someone starting a small business?

Be organised and never stop learning! You are your business so make sure you do everything in your power to make it the best it possibly can be.

What made you switch to Lopay?

Someone I know recommended it and after doing some research of my own I knew it was the best option for me and my business.

How has Lopay helped your business?

It has made taking card payments quick and easy, and has allowed me to keep more of the money I earn. Thank you Lopay!

Thanks to Faye for taking the time to speak to us! Find out more about Feet Up with Faye here, and follow her on Instagram here.

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